I went to Tracey at a time when I was experiencing severe anxiety attacks and depression.
I was going through a lot of personal problems including, money worries, looming redundancy and insomnia.
Tracey gathered some basic information before my appointment and during my session in a relaxed and soothing environment we discussed all my concerns and possible methods of dealing with them.
When Tracey was sure I was comfortable she carried out hypnosis on me, which was a very relaxing experience.

After the hypnotherapy, I immediately felt calmer and happier. The days following my treatment I found myself not only dealing with situations with a more positive mind set but I was also able to sleep better. I had a follow up session a month later and this helped me make even more progress.

I would fully recommend Tracey to anyone as she is thorough with her research and offers good advice in a stress free environment. Tracey passionately believes in helping people more their lives forward.