Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting is a tapping technique that has evolved from EFT. It was created by EFT Master, Karl Dawson and I was lucky enough to be trained by Karl himself.

Matrix Reimprinting uses EFT to recall specific memories that may be causing distress and transforms the way a person feels about an event and learnt beliefs.

It can dramatically improve your wellbeing by accessing painful or troublesome memories that you may be holding on to. The technique accesses your beliefs and allows you to change how you feel about these unhelpful memories and beliefs and can assist to clear patterns of negative behaviour.

It does not deny what has happened in the past, but instead releases stress and trauma that we may be holding on to, which can have a tremendous healing effect on us.

What can Matrix Reimprinting help with?
Too many to mention, but include…..pain relief; PTSD; relationship issues; addictions; phobias; fears; stress & anxiety; and negative beliefs.

What are the benefits of Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting:
Is quick and easy to use.
Is fun and creative.
Enables you to get to the root of core issues and transform them.
Enables you to get to blocked memories.
Quickly resolve trauma.
Transforms negative core beliefs.

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